Allo Bank’s Huge Massive Festival Strategy

the poster of allo bank festival

how to purchase the ticket?

To purchase a ticket to Allo Bank Festival, you have to download the Allo Bank app AND upgrade your account to Allo Prime (requires KYC). After successfully upgrading, then you will be able to purchase the ticket on the spot during the festival.

The steps for upgrading the allo bank account
  • New users (a lot!)
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Make new users familiar with the application and use it for other purposes

The Turnout

Looking at the social media, especially the updates from my friends that attend the event, I think the concert is a huge success.

Why do they are so aggresive?

Strong product offering and product introduction to the public, I think.

Will it have a downside?

Yeah, of course.

What do you think of this strategy? Is it effective?



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Andreana Hartadi Suliman

Andreana Hartadi Suliman

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